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    Hiia! My names Amanda Eve!<br />
    Yes, I am a fellow Gaia member.<br />
    I'm also a true Emo :D<br />
    I love anime ( Preferably from Japan )<br />
    :D<br />
    I'm...well...I'm quite different. So if you don't like different people, then I dunno why you're on my page, dammit!<br />
    Haha! No i'm serious, don't like me, get away. TT^TT<br />
    WELL ANYWAYS! I'm a happy (sorta) 15 year old who was born on Feburary 9th, 1996<br />
    I have a Facebook, too! :D<br />
    Just search Amanda Eve Froncek and an exact look-alike will most likely be me <br />
    Is there anything else...?<br />
    Yesh I have my life problems and you have no reason to know.....Unless i tell &gt;:3 <br />
    I also cut so don't bother bitching to me about how bad it is, i simplely don't care .....
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