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  • Artist Info: DRAGONS Dream avi story <br />
    Once opon a time, there was a young, blind girl. she lived in a small village with her grandmother.Though the young girl could not see the moutains--or theforest in it,her grandmother told her to not even go NEAR the mountain.She couldn't see. it was an accident! she didn't MEAN to wander into the mountains.But she did know she wasn't in the village anymore. <br />
    She started to cry, wen a deep voice said: <br />
    "why do you cry human?" <br />
    She responded: "I am blind! I cannot see! Were am I? And who are you?" <br />
    The voice answered: "can't see?I can fix that." <br />
    all of a sudden, The voice asked the girl to look up. For the first time, she could see. The world was beutiful! She saw the voice. A glissining dragon levitated before her. She saw her ripped,grubby dress. her matted hair, and--her beautiful blue eyes. The dragon had given her them. she thanked him. <br />
    "Wait", said the dragon."you need a new dress. In a flash, she had a glissing blue dress.And strage orange boddy paint on her. More dragons came.they circeld her. <br />
    "Now...wouldn't you want to be...more beutiful?" <br />
    said the dragon. <br />
    "oh yes." <br />
    So the dragon granted her wish. <br />
    In a flash, She was turend into an artic fox. from the shine of inaris. <br />
    "Hey! You tricked me! Now I can't return to my village!" <br />
    the girl said. <br />
    "Yes, return to inaris shine foolish fox. You were foolish to belive me." <br />
    The dragon stated. <br />
    He left with his friends,into the deep forest, leaving the fox-girl alone to cry and parish alone. <br />
    JUST KIDDING! She went back to her village,only to have everyone worship her--including her grandma! <br />
    <br />
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