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  • Artist Info: Hello, I'm Macy. Starting off... I'm really shy, and sensitive. I'm kind of funny, I guess. I was emo, but I stopped because of thinking about how god wouldn't want me ruining my gift. I'm religious, so respect that. And about my playlist, I don't only like that song, it's just that's the one that best fit me. Shy, and sensitive. I'm not really nice. My favorite candy is war heads. My absolute favorite game of all time is Arc The Lad: Twilight of the spirits. Love the deimos... Anyway, my real hair is brown. I'm not short... I'm fun sized. I have a lot of free time, and I'm online a lot, so drop me a random private message or comment. My favorite movie is coraline, and I hate Twilight. The only fictional character I'm in love with is Darc. Oh... sweet Darc... Team Kargh sucks. I love Darc. And I believe I've made that clear. I have a niece, and a dog that eats out of the fire pit. I'm single, and I'd like it to stay that way. I am a depressing person, so the only one crying will be me. If you cry on my shoulder, Guaranteed, I'll make you feel worse. I don't want stalkers or haters, so I'll stop here. <br />
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