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  • Artist Info: K-Lee ; BIRTHDAYSEX 6/29 ; Single Status!; WOON. ; WMS 8TH ; LAOS&amp;ITALIAN ;<br />
    Ayeee biggrin December 12, 2oh9<br />
    Its Bee hacking K-lee! lol, woowww <br />
    Hmm...K-lee's my geekster! 8D met her in 6th grade; made a shit load of memories[some funny, weird, pervy....heh heh heh?] Ewww, LOL, Ermm...Im gonna' miss K-lee when she moves sad Agh, what the hell am i gonna' do w/out you!? Dx Ugh, why the hell do you have to move? :[ ;;;; Happy thoughts &gt;&lt; Ahem* i love K-lee and i know her pretty well [no shit, shes my best bud] She's funny, random, mad G...eeky, crazy, annoying, but fkkn' awesome! xD Lol, Grr, im gonna' be so pissed when youre gone D: Agh, happy thoughts &gt;&lt; Ugh, think im gonna' end this horrible hack D: i LaLaLaLOVE you Geekster!<br />
    &lt;3Beee; aka, your dork biggrin <br />
    [Ew, this was a mad fugly hack! ~Bee]
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