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    Hey, I'm Jake. I love to draw and chill with friends, I like a lot of things, But i don't really hate a lot of things ether. Sometimes I don't really make sense.. o_o Uhm, I enjoy yaoi, not much of yuri. Uh... I have awesome friends, We love each other for who we are. I live in Canada Ontario, also i go to Japan a lot to cosplay.. I am 16 years old, blond hair, blue eyes. O: I'm mostly happy, sad, shy. :3 I hate people who are mean. I hate strong sents (perfume, etc..). I love alot of foods.not so much of a fan of veggies. &gt;xP<br />
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    So, About Naruto Manga 469 Sakura's Confession to Naruto.. Everyone's talking about it all over You Tube, So I looked it up and read it so forth. Although Naruto wasn't so sure about what Sakura said, Sakura just kept explaining to him about her feelings. Naruto still knows she still loves Sasuke, knowing that Sakura told Naruto she doesn't have anymore feelings for Sasuke anymore. Naruto knew she lied to herself. For all those NaruHina fans - Hinata is going to confess her love to Kiba! Sorry bout that, anyways I do believe Sakura will be with Sasuke finally, Naruto will probably still be alone, Naruto and Sasuke will have a battle then Sasuke will finish him off and Naruto dies. Sasuke will return to konoha but be punished for his doings.
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