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    Wuddup? <br />
    Hey! My fwends call me Tina, and I love cats. I'm gonna be that crazy cat lady that lives on your street♥ My bestfriends are Desirae, Heather, and Randi. And the love of my life would be Brent♥, and in all honesty I think you can consider him my bestf friend too. My favorite band would be NeverShout!Never and Throw the fight. I honestly don't care what people thin of me, because I don't change for anyone, if you have a problem with me I couldn't care less. I know this makes me seem like such a grouch but whatever, as long as you don't get on my nerves you'll be fine(:<br />
    "The best thing to hold onto life is each other." -Audrey Hepburn<br />
    Love you guys! heart
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