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  • Artist Info: hey, im rayne....or you can call me that <br />
    i am a marshan (from MARS, not just some other planet) named Lionine, and me and my friend Tyran are here to take over the earth one day at a time.....dont try to stop us though. we can over come any puney human.. also my other friend has come down to earth to help me distroy tall people and rule the world of milkshakes. DO. NOT. ATTEMPT. TO. STOP. US. YOU. WILL. FAIL. uhh...lets see....i am easily bored and distracted, and yet im really smart.............i love music ♪♪♪♪ and if you dont like my music....sucks for you im not afraid to be me and show my "true colors" to the world. i am proud of who i am. i have a boyfriend, David. i love him..alot. he makes me very happy smile (and no, he is not alien but i love him so i will not destroy him smile <br />
    ♥ thats all you need to know...♥ biggrin
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