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  • Artist Info: I am not a goth, emo, preppy,a suck up, or a bitch. I am me.<br />
    I love guns but im a vegetarian.<br />
    I am a natural blonde but also a straight A student.<br />
    And yes blondes do have more fun.<br />
    I am a figure skater, gymnast, and runner.<br />
    I am a 100% city girl.<br />
    Camping scares the life out of me.<br />
    Sarcasm is my companion.<br />
    I'm tough on the outside but i have horrible self esteem.<br />
    I have a dirty secret that only my best friend knows.<br />
    Creeps are completely attracted to me but the guys i like never are.<br />
    NOBODY ever dares to mess with me or my friends.<br />
    If you can accept me please feel free to add me!
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