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  • Artist Info: Hi my name is Irina! I live in California!! I love to draw anime and manga!!! My friend Mary Lou also likes to draw manga and anime!!!<br />
    She draws very good.Im kinda tomboyish.I love sports.My favey <br />
    color is BLACK and SKY BLUE!!!I wear black, like almost everyday,<br />
    but im not gothic(some people think im emo,i dont mind). Im also<br />
    the youngest of 8 children.I kinda hate being the youngest <br />
    cause everything is blamed on me!! &gt;=-c<br />
    I also like and dislike a few things:<br />
    What I Like:<br />
    1.ME!!!<br />
    2.Animals<br />
    3.Nice Nice Peoples<br />
    4.Music!!<br />
    5.ANIME!!!!<br />
    6.Snowboarding<br />
    7.Handball<br />
    8.Skateboarding<br />
    I like more things, but i cant remember them.<br />
    Dislikes:<br />
    1.To forget things!!!<br />
    2.Pink (the color)<br />
    3.Mean People<br />
    4.Our Teacher <br />
    5.Math<br />
    I dislike more things, but i just cant remember them.<br />
    I also have very good friends.They r MaryLou,Jason,Camille,<br />
    Tyler, and Tyler(Grover).<br />
    They all go 2 my school.<br />
    Well thats about it!<br />
    THX 4 READING!!!!!!!<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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