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    My names Kayla. I'm 13, years old. I'm not dumb, annoying, or immature. So, Please don't treat me like I am. Or, I'll bite you're head off. (: Honestly, Talk to me and get to know me and you'll agree I act twice my age. <br />
    I treat people how they treat me. If you treat me nicely, I'll treat you nice back. If you treat me rudely, I'll treat you 10 times ruder and then laugh at you. Some people say I'm a bit "Intense" I don't know, Maybe I am. But, I think its because I'm not afraid to speak my mind and I never beat around the bush. I just come out with what I want to say. I'm a very honest person. If you'd like an oppion on anything, Ask me and I'll give you my complete honest answer. <br />
    If you have not noticed, I love to write. I can sit in a room for days wirteing about nothing but random things that pop into my mind, and I wouldn't get bored for a second. I'm weird like that. Other than writeing, I love to sing and music in general. It keeps me sane and stops me from bouncing off the walls in complete rage. Also, I love to dance, swim, laugh and smile, and hang out with my friends. Normal stuff I guess. <br />
    I'm not perfect, Or at all close. I eat too much sometimes, and sometimes I eat nothing at all for days. It takes me hours upon hours to deside what to do with my hair. I've gottan F's in math. I've called my English Teacher a Douche Bag before. [: I've fallen down a massive hill on my a** while laughing but crying nonstop at the same time. I've punched a mirrior because I was mad, cried and then laughed at my stupid self. I've made my family and myself cry with stupid dessitions I've made. I'm afraid of the dark. I've almost been arrested. And I've jumped off my roof attempting to land on my trampolin failing horribley. But, For some reason I still somewhat love myself. Amazing, right? <br />
    If you've read all of this pointless nonsense. I am truley amazied with you and I strongly feel you should win something. (: Because I'm not sure if I could read all of this s**t myself without quiting half way through. So, I feel you should get a hug and that you are now and forever better than Batman. [; Witch is seriously saying something. Okay, I sware I'm really, really going to stop typeing now. ByeBye. :]
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    Mhmm, [:<br />
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    Thats My Bubba, I love him. (:
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