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  • Artist Info: My God, it's about time for a profile update...<br />
    So. Um....hi. As you can see, my username is The Goddess of Dawn, but you can call me Goddess, Dawn, Micaiah, or Mica, or a mix of those. I am still in school, I am female (it has its advantages and disadvantages), and I live in the USA.<br />
    ...<br />
    *crickets chirp*<br />
    So, uh, I like to swim (but I'm not very fast), draw (but I'm not very good), read (that I'm good at), write stories (that I'm very good at, or so I'm told), surf the web (do it all the time), and correct people's grammatical errors (I'm quite nitpicky). My dream is to be a teens' book editor and do art comissions on the side.<br />
    This is my current art shop-&gt;User Image (We're lonely, by the way; please come and chat!)<br />
    *crickets chirp*<br />
    ...I'll finish this later. Goodbye!<br />
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