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  • Artist Info: I am taytay. im a psycho vamprie! rarw. haha. <br />
    Umm im thirteen! I camne here cause m yfriend faith wanted me to, and i love it!<br />
    I found a bunch of peopel i havent talked to in forever! Like kyo and baha, and felflie! i blow out the candels on July 26! So wish me a happy birthday! Hm sometimes i can be rude, but most of the time im crazy and caring. <br />
    My besties name is kristen. i love her.]<br />
    Hmmm i play football. Not officaly, but i play when im with my brother and law, Nick. He's cool. I love animals! My dog, sweetie died on april 28. hmm Im taken! and loved b yuthe best!<br />
    Hmm, i play the flute. And im realy good at it. hehe. <br />
    Lets see, Oh yes,I love to read. im such a book worm! hhaha. I love music even more than books! Iisten to just bout everything. haha. <br />
    Anything i misses, Ask! Love ya!
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