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  • Artist Info: ~ imma pure solid FILIPINO!! and proud to beh!<br />
    ~ i luv: books, music, and low fat milk (alaska is the best)<br />
    ~ when i say som1 is beautiful/handsome, what i really mean is that he/she has good teeth, cute eyes, and nice hair.<br />
    ~ eating is one of most common things i do.<br />
    ~ music is a valuable thing in my life.<br />
    ~ the library is my second house.<br />
    ~ i like making things up like poems, stories, etc.<br />
    ~ im a bit competitive, and ill give a go to any game (that doesnt iclude running, or being under the sun long enough for my skin to burn.)<br />
    ~ id like it alot if ppl would care more.<br />
    ~ i wish i would meet ppl whom i can relate to(not that i dont. i have lots of friends by the way... but not here i gaia)<br />
    ~ i luve black and i like red but im not a senti person.<br />
    ~ i like math, but i hate my grades.<br />
    ~ i hate those who hate meh... and vice versa.
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