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  • Artist Info: Gah, I've written so many of these now, wow. I suppose I dont have much of a life then luffle. Well well well, where do I begin? Well, let's start with how I am about my friends, you guys put me through shit, you stab me in the back, even though I've stuck up for you through thick and thin. Very nice of you, but no matter what, I'll still be there to back you up.<br />
    NEXT!!! Music: I enjoy most all music, the beatles, all that remains, bring me the horizon, annotations of an autopsy, led zepplin, mudvayne, SEETHER!!! O_O....sorry, I love Seether. Basically, my interest lies everywhere.<br />
    Hmmm, who I am on a deeper level, well, I'm your basic unaverage emo kid. I don't cry a whole lot, I don't cut myself anymore, but I am still more sensitive than people know. I hide who I am on it's deepest levels. I am betrothed and in love with my wonderful girlfriend Sarah Martin, and no one could ever replace her.<br />
    Ahh, I see i fucked that up too, ok, my birthday is the 20th XP dont really know what happened there but I can't seem to fix it crying fuck me sideways.
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