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  • Artist Info: Ok wat up ppl? I love to listen to music and read. I Love to be with friends and family. I hate chocolate. I know your probably thinking wat a freak. But i'm not. I'm quoted by my best friend CelestialTwilight. I said something like: Everyone is wierd one way or another. No one is normal. So if u r normal u r the wierd one, because everyone else is wierd. Does that make sense? Go to CelestialTwilight if u want to be elightned. Or however u spell it. Yeah I'm not really a blonde. But always wanted to be one. Blonde hair and saphire blue eyes. But no I have black curly hair and brown eyes. Yes, I'm single. Got a problem with that? My real name is Rocio.(I know u can't say it, most likely)My friends call me Rocco,Rico,Rocky,and Rosie. I don't like the second one though. I'M A GIRL! I've learned when someone is calling me with a wierd name that starts with Ro i know it's me. So live life the way u want it to be lived, not the way other ppl want u to live it. Live like if today was your last day! Take nothing for granted! Go GREEN! LIVE,LAUGH,LOVE & PEACE, LOVE,HOPE,FAITH!!!!<br />
    <br />
    1.Those who want to change the world for the good don't have the power, and those who have the power only want to change it for the good of themselves <br />
    2.True Friendship isn't being inseprable, it's being seperated and nothing changes!<br />
    3.Life is like a pen, you can cross something out, but u can never erase it!<br />
    4.Yeah we act like idiots, we laugh to hard and make complete fools of ourselves, but that's why we are best friends!<br />
    5.See yourself for what you are!<br />
    6.Don't follow your dreams chase them!<br />
    7.Laughter is timeless, Imagination is has no age, and dreams are forever!<br />
    8.Speak your mind even though your voice shakes!<br />
    9."All your dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them!"~Walt Disney<br />
    <br />
    So yeah, HI!
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