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  • Artist Info: Ello My Name is Daniela!I Live With My Parents And Work At StarBucks Go Crazy Woot Woot :3!!Im Apart Of The Outcast I dont have many friends i usally hang out with the freaks,scene,&outcast!Im Not Like Wat You Think Im More Diffenet I Like To Write poems and Storys Right Now Im Working On Getting My Book Published!When You First met me i will be shy but one day I'll open up & you'll see how crazy I am!!And If You Hang Out With Me To Much You'll Know Im Kinda Annoying im letting ya know this because Lost a Best Friend that I love I tried to apolize but he had me blocked so that broke my heart to see that now when my sister talks to him and she mentions me he gets quiet!!Well I Got over Him Now!!<br />
    So Baii My Stalkers!! <3<br />
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