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        this account is a memento mori from a past i can't touch anymore, so i'd like to preserve it:<br />
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        音魂は健全な精神と身体の中に宿る。<br />
        ----------------------------------------<br />
        User Image<br />
        Just the Facts:<br />
        - SOUL EATER is my favorite anime. ;D MOST BEST EPIC AWESOME ANIME I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE.<br />
        - My food dream: EAT A LEMON TART<br />
        - i'm a fan of jpop. 8D<br />
        - Tomodachi's make your life awesome~<br />
        - I love manga. FAVE: BAKUMAN<br />
        - I really recommend Bakuman. It's funny, romantic, and talks about the making of manga. ;D It's INSPIRING. <br />
        - I LIKE ANIME. END OF SPEECH.<br />
        - I LIKE VOCALOID. END OF STORY.<br />
        - I'm also a fan of Death Note. ;D 'TIS SO INTERESTING.<br />
        - I'm a zOMGer (kinda) (at least before a virus ATTACKED MY COMPUTER)<br />
        - I'm a sucky artist. DEAL WITH IT YOU HATERS.<br />
        - My favorite color is purple and baby blue<br />
        - I don't hold grudges and forgive quickly <br />
        - IM A ROLEPLAYER. WOO. <br />
        - I'm kinda lazy so um yeah. <br />
        - I love the SNOW. SNOW IS JUST SO FUN.<br />
        - YAY BOOKS.<br />
        - I HATE public speaking D&lt; and I HATE ALL TEACHERS THAT MAKE ME DO SO. DDD&lt; <br />
        - I'm a fail at math. OuO<br />
        - I suck at sports. <br />
        - I'M AN OTAKU ~<br />
        - I play pokemon. YES I SAID POKEMON. <br />
        - I like to doodle. &lt;---- (and I mean REALLY like to doodle.)<br />
        - I think my gift is artistry~<br />
        - My dream is to become a manga artist. ;D<br />
        - What inspired me to become one? ANIME AND THE LOVE FOR DRAWING DUR OF COURSE. &gt;D<br />
        - DAMN YOU HOMEWORK. <br />
        - Actually, i prefer homework more than studying. So it should correctly be....DAMN YOU STUDYING.<br />
        - And to end this little list, HERE'S A QUOTE: <br />
        "Happiness is a butterfly,<br />
        which,<br />
        when pursued,<br />
        is always just beyond your grasp,<br />
        but which,<br />
        if you sit down quietly,<br />
        may alight upon you."<br />
        <br />
        Audio:【ハッピーシンセサイザ】を歌ってみた【ゆずちゃおっぴぃ】<br />
        ----------------------------------------<br />
        My Journal <br />
        ----------------------------------------<br />
        I'm sorry. I don't like to add strangers. You never know who lurks around on the internet these days. 右?<br />
        ----------------------------------------<br />
        My Friendship Quilt<br />
        User ImageUser ImageUser Image User ImageUser ImageUser Image<br />
        <br />
        PM me if you'd like to swap patches. Or if you want to be added to mine. ^^<br />
        <br />
        By the way if you don't reconize me right now and you use to know, cute_cherry28 or stargirl_40 or artzy_ann or xbottled_feelingx, then i am probably her. &gt;w&lt; I change my name alot, I know. I can never settle on one. And if you knew me before in the past, when i was cute_cherry28, alot has changed since then. I knew i was a little noobish back then but now I changed. I'M NOT A CREEP ANY MORE!<br />
        <br />
        Hey look, an educational video! <br />
        <br />
        User Image <br />
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        Profile made by: 2cq<br />
        Thank you so so much! &gt;U&lt;
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