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    name:queen pancake! <br />
    gender: IM A GIRL!!!<br />
    age:13<br />
    grade:7<br />
    favorite song:u.n.i.c.o.r.n.<br />
    favorite word: taco<br />
    favorite color razz IIIIIIIIINK!!!!!!<br />
    locaition: floating around somewhere in space just past planet zorgon<br />
    <br />
    im thirteen! finnally!! but i still feel like a little kid still a little a little kid...inside AND OUT. im really immatchure (and really bad at spelling!) my life consists of ... school....and....oh and not doing my home work! and some where i manage to fit in some time with friends. yea. there are only a few things i really hate in this world and one of them is sixth graders! gaaa!!! i can't stand the little pests!!! ugly little things! i hate them almost as much as i hate cats. i'm glad i never was one...but i do love unicorns! and candy... or any type of sugary overly sweet thing hjdsfsjdghflsdjg...and im never not usually random im pretty spazzy...yea. <br />
    Im a christian and I love Jesus (he died for me after all!) MY friends: i have THEE best friends in the entire universe!!!!!! I LUV U GUYS! well your probably getting boerd reading this so i will stop typing but thats just a little bit about my life.<br />
    BYE BYE!<br />
    ps.mankini!!!! hahahahahahahahaha!!!! ha i love you liz!!!!!
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