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  • Artist Info: Well, what's there to say? I'm a Southern Graphic Artist. Deal with it. You better meet my sis Cosmee[aka Biscuit], Tie, and my main men Last and Ace. But stay away from Light. AT ALL COSTS. <br />
    Inner Me: You idiot! People won't know them by the forum nicknames.<br />
    Oh well. I'm too lazy to type out their full Gaia names. Besides, it's 5 in the morning and I just finished my latest masterpiece. <br />
    Inner Me: What an excuse.<br />
    Oh shut up, go bother Light.<br />
    Inner Me: What exactly did he do to you, again?<br />
    That is personal and classified! *pulls out shotgun*<br />
    Inner Me: *screams and runs away*<br />
    I just scared myself off... *pulls trigger and water comes out the barrel* Sweet... water shotgun. Forget water pistols, we're taking it to the next level!
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