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  • Artist Info: hello feller; Jessi got hacked from her Bestie Monkey.humm wat can i say bout dis Dumbass chick lolz x] She is nicee, kooll, funnyy, Sillyy, Smart, && pretty lolz.She always have my bak nd u knoe i would always have ur's.wen im upSide down she turn me bak up! we do evrythinqs 2gether.She"s da kraziess friend i evr had!umm! well i want dis friendship to lastt 4evr.Monkey/michelle waz here 04189, @ [6:42Pm]buhbye assholes hehe. p.S i luvv u nomatter wat happen da Us!<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    that wax michelle well michelle ur the best and i am pretty maybe,nice sometimes cauze ill kick ur ass,i am really funny ppl alwayz laugh at wht i say u know,and proly smart i did pass the pssa and i did a pretty awsome job!!!!!!!!!!!!!thnx 4 reading ur the best who every reading thix!!
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