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    I am, without a doubt, one of the most common people found in America today. I mean, before the name was even common, before the movies were made popular, before I even knew what androgyny meant, I grew into what is now known as common. I never "peaked" in High School, hell I didn't even finish High School. I was "spirited" growing up, and really sensitive to sites and sounds. I rebelled as an activist instead of against my Mother. I'm so gay, my hair isn't even straight, but I do have a celebrity crush on David Bowie (don't ask). I use Microsoft Works Word Processor to spell check everything, even this. My motto is "Life Happens", not because that's what I grew up hearing, but because it's true. They say Home is where the heart is, well, as myself, The Gypsy Lyric, the not-so-well-known Alex F., learn this, and I mean learn this well, my heart is where the road is.
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