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  • Artist Info: ninja I'm a ninja, born and raised in Alaska. i am one with the snow. <br />
    Hmmmm well I use to be part of the Mafia, I passed high school with flying colors, I then was married (contract, needed signature for marriage and for divorced, marriage trial for 6 months). My eyes are Gold, I have no hair on my head (cause I shaved it off yesterday) I am a huge gamer, and i love anime and reading manga, also Doujinshi, weither it be trap or yaoi or yuri or monster girls, what matters to me is the storyline an nothing else, I love drawing, I play Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and collect them, I sometimes draw naked chicks just out of randomness, as well as write stories, I'm currently on disability, and I have no idea what i have, I am though 4 months early born in the year of 1992, I am a spiritalist as well as my belief moral is that Sephiroth is my God and Deity look at my youtube videos Gods, Deity, Higher power under my username GothUnionxoxo, I am shy, but i am also a people person, age to me really don't matter, I try really hard not to judge people by there looks, since i'm the one to talk since i have teeth degenerating itself. soo thats about it so far.
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