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  • Artist Info: Hello. I'm Kyanaha and I'm here to just be here, therefore there are no hard feeling if you have no idea why I'm here.<br />
    If you wanna talk, just send me a PM and we'll talk about nothing in particular. Ah. I like the word particular. We can talk about words if you want. What about the word 'knees'? Have you heard the phrase: 'bees knees'? Did you know that bees don't actually have knees? Oh, I read that in a book. Apparently, it's supposed to be 'bees legs', which I understand more. I like the phrase 'bees legs'. I also like the phrase 'don't even think about it'. It's a threat, right? But how does the person giving the threat actually know that the person is thinking about it anyway? <br />
    So there. Half your life wasted reading this.<br />
    If you really actually like talking about this stuff, just PM. I'm bored, you see.<br />
    <br />
    ~Kya heart
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