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  • Artist Info: yo! i loe food thats like my #1 activity ritee thear ,<br />
    im funny,<br />
    i can kick ass like u cant imagine,<br />
    im very strong,<br />
    intelligent i suppose but hey whos braggin,<br />
    i lovee and i mean lovee my cuddly animals on my bed,<br />
    i love da' big sis xphreshxkissx even dow we fight alot i still &lt;3 her,<br />
    i love gettin praticly everdin i want (spoiled i guess),<br />
    i can be rough sumtimes,<br />
    and i hate brocoli,<br />
    i hate it when my stuff gets organized and i cant find it i HATE tht,<br />
    plus i was born in febuary,21,2002 soo i guess you kno how old i am thts right im 7 turning 8 yay!da' big ladiis helping me wif da pro LOL! <br />
    so yeahh too lazy to do it on my own.<br />
    im like a 24/7 hacker so watch it LOL xD and yeah thts all <br />
    ohh add my sis xphreshxkissx her name is deborah and YES! we do live toghter DUHH! biggrin 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh
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