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    My name is Emilee. <br />
    I'm 19<br />
    Live in a tiny hick town. <br />
    Hmm. <br />
    I'm attending Uni. right now. <br />
    Pretty exciting stuff, yeah? <br />
    I'm weird, I'll admit it.<br />
    J'aime le fromage. C'est tres bien!<br />
    I have MSN, want to add me, just ask for it.<br />
    I have AIM too, but that's mainly for school, but if it's all you have, I'm willing to add you=]<br />
    Hmm.. yeah.<br />
    <br />
    I despise Twilight.<br />
    I am allowed my opinion.<br />
    What are you gunna do about it? <br />
    Bite me? <br />
    I'll stab you with an effing stake.<br />
    User Image<br />
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