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  • Artist Info: Allo there puppet!<br />
    Jiyou here.<br />
    Lets keep it short and sweet shall we?<br />
    I'm not much of a mystery.<br />
    I'm not all too extraordinary, just another girl. [Hyper, smiley, sweets obssessed and all that]<br />
    Child of Leiko and Mata and very much loved. [Love you guys!!! Oh and meh bro Takkun &lt;3]<br />
    I like profound and artsy stuff.<br />
    I enjoy reading stories and poems, so if you got some I'd read it if ya want me to.<br />
    I absolutely can't get enough of drawings. [Show me what you can do &gt;D I need references, so you'll help loads if you gots]<br />
    I absolutely love to spend money of any kind, meaning virtual er real money. Sadly I dont have much to begin with. [In both virtual and actual XD........... -looks down deafeated-]<br />
    Currently gonna try ta SAVE money. [Gonna kick myself in the rump, so please be supportive m'dears! I needs ta buy a laptopD: Amazing how long ago I wrote this and I STILL DON'T HAVE A LAPTOP *SOBS*]<br />
    Way too carefree at times. [Like recently forgetting, technically "losing" my clothes at the laundrymat... SOME so don't worry XD]<br />
    If ya wanna talk about everything and anything I'm right here :3 -nods-<br />
    Friend if ya like, and please feel free ta leave me a lovely note from time ta time. =)
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