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    My name is Shane.<br />
    First off, I am an old man. I am also a poet, a wordsmith, and an actual Knight.<br />
    I follow the old ways, the code of chivalry and of bushido. I have been trained in swordplay and kendo, and in various martial arts.<br />
    But perhaps most telling of all would be that I am a student of human nature. I am a reader of hearts.<br />
    I have been through much in my life, and have gained some small bit of wisdom from the various scars I acquired. I also love to help people with their emotional and personal problems. I am a listener, and lastly, I never judge. <br />
    If you have need of me, or wish to chat, all you need do is speak up, and I will answer. <br />
    <br />
    May all the blessings of happiness be heaped upon thine head, and may good fortune follow you till the last breath. <br />
    <br />
    God bless you all.
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