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  • Artist Info: ummm okay I dont know if people read this but im bored and feel like writing my real name is Nathan or Nathaniel doesnt matter almost the same im known as a lot of people on gaia. , sora final form of death (under construction), tobi uchiha Obito(I know tobi isnt Obito), and shunsui kyoraku the 1st, I am a computer freak im addicted to the computer id die without it. My fav music singers are SLIPKNOT,DEFINITLY DEMI LOVATO,(the first 2 are my favorite) Avenged sevenfold, AND DEFINITELY PAPA ROACH, AND MAXIUM THE HORMONE. lol I like having friends so comment I dont care what about just comment IM LONELY if ur bossy I like being bossed around and wow I sound dumb do I always sound like this. I was born in California and raised in London well I wouldn't say raised because im only 15 and still in New York I move alot so I know alot of people I like to talk to people so plzz at least leave a comment<br />
    I luv Anime like Code Geass, Full mEtal, Naruto, AND BLEACH i stay up till 12:00 watching that show lol. If u agree with any of these leave a comment
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