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  • Artist Info: Congratulations, visitor; you have stumbled upon the profile of Foxy Gloves, a skeleton of a once active and happy Gaian. As of November 2018, I may start coming online more often... If you recognize me, or if you're one of the few friends on my list from ages ago, feel free to bug me!<br />
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    Overall, I am a friendly sort of person, though I can sometimes seem standoffish or aloof. Do not be fooled by my cool way of speaking; I can be just as crazy as any other young woman. I'm pretty nerdy and dorky, too.<br />
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    My favorite things are books, dogs, Mumford and Sons, Markiplier, Dungeons and Dragons, and Dragon Age. I like to think that I'm a good writer in my free time; sometimes I even role-play.
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