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  • Artist Info: HELLO WORLD!!!! <br />
    HI....Im Sam surprised r: Kagu surprised r: Yuuki. (pick 1) smile Nice to meet ya! wink <br />
    I LOVE music...its the only thing I make time 4 every day.<br />
    I have many friends, which all of them I happen to love!!!<br />
    I don't believe in judging people, no matter what.....and I don't believe in making fun of people either.....I love to laugh, joke around, and make people smile..... My age is consealed....meaning you will never know how old I am. But just as an idea Im over 14, but under 20, so don't get any ideas if your an old pervert cuz you wont get anything from me but a foot up your buttox wink <br />
    I live in NOWHERE USA. And I go to school at THE NOWHERE SCHOOL, In NOWHERE.<br />
    I think it'd be awesome to be a vampire. A sparkly,*deadly* vampire OR a werewolf,. A big *fluffy* werewolf. My dream is to go through cllege as a music major, and continue to play trumpet in a professional symphony. <br />
    TAKE NOTE: I may be nice, and sweet, but if you mess with my friends, you will wish you had never met me...<br />
    I don't believe in hating people...*HOWEVER*...I can still strongly dislike you if you get on my nerves....but i will never admitt it...<br />
    If you don't like me...well...I don't care..because I am <br />
    everything that I wan't to be, not what is expected. <br />
    <br />
    ALL.....LOVE YOURSELF!!!!"<br />
    ^-^ -JB surprised r: (Kagu) surprised r: *Sam* surprised r: if you like &gt; *Yuuki* ^-^<br />
    <br />
    P.S. PLZ view my profile in FULL SCREEN...or else it doesnt look right and its all BLAH....and I don't want BLAH..I want WHOA...Thnx smile
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