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    to all my old gaia friends: hey yall its maddy. i have grown old, gotten married, and moved to iceland. please contact me if you were one of my good buddies from back in the day. my instagram is instagram.com/your.local.agender.goth , just message me and tell me what your username was. love yall heart <br />
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    for any newcomers, my name is maddy! i am 23, non-binary (they/them pronouns only please!), married, and a texan living in iceland (my husband is icelandic). i joined sometime around 2009, but i haven't seriously plaid since around 2011/2012. but i'm trying to rejuvenate this account, both out of nostalgia and to not let it go to waste. i'm kind of awkward socially, but don't be afraid to talk to me! 4laugh <br />
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    shop at my store to help me save for items, or send me items on my wishlist and i'll love u!! heart
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