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    Ok uhmm first things first--LIKES!<br />
    Ok i like uhmm hanginng ouut with friends...<br />
    my fave type of anime is comedy, though i looooove pshychological*drool*i like all sick things like uhmm brain damage XD--i love the ocean! its so cool ^^ i dont like fish XD except for a few fishies XD like ttuna and shrimp<br />
    anything else is...NO!O;<br />
    oh yesh my fave animals are bunny rabbits^^'<br />
    D: don't make fun! they're cute! XD<br />
    XD i looove music ^__^ my fave bands aree Fall Out Boy-<br />
    blink 182(L),sum 41 aaand another one XD i just dont remember right now..anyways XD<br />
    yush im a movie freaak! srry thats just the way i was raised XD...<br />
    fave colors aree black-ofcoourseee! &&RED(:<br />
    ok since thats all the "likes" i can think about right now ill go to the DISLIKES-<br />
    i told u before-fish D8<br />
    lemmesee---ppl who lie and are dishonest[[well i doubt anyone likes those kinds of ppl XD]]<br />
    i hate brown :/<br />
    and i hate when i get bad news...also dislike being alone in a public place T^T [[plaza rio]]<br />
    i hate ppl staring a me XDi hate anythig that hurts my pride.although i don't let it show (: aahh yes that too i hate my pride, always gets me in trouble with the ppl i love.<br />
    aahh something u should know...when i say hate i dont meaan hate XD i just mean dislike...i dont hate...anyone...at all...<br />
    anyways continue--aahh yes myspace XD that too[[hate-dislike]]<br />
    i dislike ppl who get angry for small reasons-btw when i say dislike i mean it annoys me a little XD-well i guess ill continue later XD i have no idea what to say now...hey! i also hate it when i dunno what to say XDanyways... XD byes<br />
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