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  • Artist Info: I am 15 going on 16. ^_^<br />
    I am a struggling artist. <:]<br />
    I am straight but yuri and yaoi ppl are always good friends! <XD<br />
    I have a screwed scanner. -_-<br />
    I am a wicca is training ^^<br />
    I love mechanical pencils. XD<br />
    I love all colors but am not a fan of yellow and pink. <_<<br />
    I am a Leo. >^0.0^<<br />
    I dont really know of any mental illness but others have suspected it... >_><br />
    My scetchbook always stays by my side. :]<br />
    I am not into uber detailed work but I wish I was. :/<br />
    I am lazy as HELL but i try...if its important to me that is <XP
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