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  • Artist Info: hi hi hi hi hi ~ that's Mor Ve Otesi you're listening to. you may have heard them from the 2008 Eurovision. they have gr8 rock music so check em out!!!<br />
    i'm a normal high school senior<br />
    17 years of age. i like normal stuff like anime {of course} and manga and<br />
    -drawing<br />
    -photography<br />
    -writing<br />
    <br />
    -history<br />
    -foreign politics & middle east crap, because i'm a nerd<br />
    -carbonated juice<br />
    -sleeping<br />
    i like listening to foreign music and not understanding a word of it. je parle le francais (classe de fraincais quatre he he), parce que je dois parle cette langue STUPIDE pour le lycee.... non, je plaisante. mais, vraiment, regardez-ca. mon francais est tres mal.<br />
    <br />
    & going back to that anime thing. i'm actually not watching any anime right now because there are no fucking good ones. manga i like Amatsuki, Hourour Musuko, and Dogs: Bullets and Carnage. i'm especially obsessed with Axis Powers Hetalia.<br />
    as in, if you want a little 1x1 rp, drop me a comment...obsessed.<br />
    <br />
    what else...<br />
    fyi some of my favorite aph pairings include:<br />
    turkey/egypt<br />
    egypt/turkey<br />
    greece/egypt<br />
    russia/china<br />
    france/seychelles<br />
    <br />
    turkey's the only seme i can play, what's up with that...<br />
    what else...
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