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  • Artist Info: I am x-3l3ctric-whisp3r-x.<br />
    And I will think of more once it slaps me in the face...xD<br />
    Oh, ya *points up* I am 3l3ctric-whisp3r took a long time to think of it...<br />
    I'm out there like almost way out there, but people say I'm.<br />
    ~Sweet<br />
    *Caring<br />
    ~Funny (dunno how but I am)<br />
    *Understanding lulz<br />
    ~and a kick ass motha fucka <br />
    *Tall<br />
    ~Pessimistically happy<br />
    *Origional weirdo<br />
    ~Crazy<br />
    *Psychotic<br />
    ~Emo-ish ISH!!!<br />
    *And a best friend <br />
    ~~I cheated and told my friends to describe me lol<br />
    Oh but theres more to the long and endless story of Whispy (lol Mary should be happy) its just too long to tell or remember ^^. If you wants to know me send me a Pm er whatever lol I normally reply...but then again, I'm not that awesome.. biggrin Adieu ^^
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