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  • Artist Info: ~Hellooooooo Gaia!<br />
    ~I go by many names, so you can call me anything you like ^_^<br />
    ~I play softball, floor hockey, and archery<br />
    ~I live in the eastern US<br />
    ~I love my golden retriever, Bella. <br />
    ~Rp'ing beats life!<br />
    ~I play clarinet, and a bit of guitar (go band nerds!)<br />
    ~I'm an alto in chorus <br />
    ~I can be very serious, but I love being crazy<br />
    ~My bf rocks! (Shout-out to him!!!! Love ya!)<br />
    ~I looooove random Pm's, so send me one to your heart's content<br />
    ~I have lived in my hometown my entire life (yes, I'll admit it; I'm a townie)<br />
    ~I'm not gonna tell you my age! (shh... it's a secret...)<br />
    ~I love NCIS! Whoot! <br />
    ~Umm... That's all for now. Bye!!
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