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  • Artist Info: Hello Everyone! Welcome To My Page!<br />
    <br />
    You can called me Nammy-chan or Rika-chan.<br />
    I'm 100% in love with heart Kanata Hongo heart ,so if you like him<br />
    as well,let be friend.And please keep on supporting him!!! 4laugh <br />
    I'm a collector of sanrio and san-x items.They are very cute.<br />
    I can be childish most of the time,but I'm very polite.<br />
    I consider myself to be a cheerful person,<br />
    I love to jokes with my friends because I feel comfortable talking with them.<br />
    I'm half Viet and Jap <br />
    XxXRainataXxX is my Monozygotic twin.<br />
    *We are opposite in most things,<br />
    we can be the same at some lengths*<br />
    If you wanted to know more about me, just ask. whee
    <br />
    <br />
    heart I love fashion clothe brands from:<br />
    heart Baby Let's The Star Shine Bright heart <br />
    heart Innocient World heart <br />
    heart Loyer heart <br />
    heart Dodostyle heart <br />
    heart STAR.MIMI heart <br />
    heart Forever 21 heart <br />
    <br />
    I love to listen to kpop,jpop,jrock,and classical music.<br />
    *I really like the vocaloid and Ali Project music*<br />
    I really like ulzzang and dolfie.<br />
    I like to watch asian dramas/movies<br />
    I do like to watch anime as long as it's appropiate,I hate ecchi,<br />
    Shotacon,Lolicon,and hentai animes.<br />
    (they are too much for me) sweatdrop
    <br />
    <br />
    Become A Friend<br />
    Unless I add you in or I meet you,please follow these rules:<br />
    1.Please,don't be mean to my friends in my friendlist.<br />
    2.ALWAYS be polite when talk.I do not like people who cuss.<br />
    3.Please,sent me a private message to ask why you wanted to be my friend.<br />
    The more friends,the more merrier! 4laugh
    <br />
    Thank You Everyone<br />
    ~Ja Ne~
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