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  • Artist Info: I See <br />
    I see a world. A world of hate, darkness, and biterness.<br />
    I see children who are beaten every day.Mothers who are abused because they are afraid.<br />
    I see those who donot know right from wrong. Those who had to raise themselves. <br />
    I see poeple who have an aching heart. Poeple who have never known love. <br />
    I see a world. A world full of sadness and of pain. I see all the problems in life. <br />
    I see, I see. I see so many things that have a negative inpact on the world. Things that cause hurt, anger and danger. <br />
    I see a world filled with envy and jelousy.<br />
    I see all this and it makes me hate the world we live in <br />
    But I also see a world. A world that has courage and potential. <br />
    I see laughter, love and happyness. Friendship, family and life.<br />
    I see,I see,I see.<br />
    I see these things and it fills my heart with warmth and satisfaction. <br />
    <br />
    i wrote this poem years ago based on what i saw in this world we call home. writen by yours truly: Brittany P. <br />
    <br />
    its been a long time since ive been here i see more good in this world now and more of the hate as well ive lost so much through out my life and gained just as much so here i am living life to its fullest because all have to go someday and you never know when its gonna be you i never give up and i never give in i do my best not to let the world around me get me down and no matter what happens im always here living loving and hoping for the best for me my family and my friends i love you all smile
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