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  • Artist Info: stare Hey...Nothing much to say about myself....I am 19 ...Born In an Asian Country...Watashino O-namaiwah (Shun Xiang Shang)Yep...That's my name...I have a sister.... ...And that's for now..Do take care stare <br />
    <br />
    Fav colour: Black,Blue and white stare <br />
    Personality: Sometimes I am grouchy...have a good sense of <br />
    humour when I feel like teasing you..<br />
    Family status: I am the only son in the family surprised <br />
    Good at: Dressing up,decoration and designs but do not intend to be a designer in the future since I am not good in drawing biggrin ...Psss(can't even draw a horse) Lol...I mean it... xd stare <br />
    Ambition: A lawyer ??? yea...Taking Law courses in college?maybe Business and account?? surprised <br />
    Fav Food: Siu Mai heart ,sushi and Dim Sum smile ) not telling you) rolleyes <br />
    Spirit animal: Wolf or vixen Lol biggrin (tho I really adore those)<br />
    People's point of view: Kind? Evil?Mischievous?Cunning?Likes weird stuff surprised gonk <br />
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