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  • Artist Info: Hello! Welcome to my profile! =D <br />
    There is not much that I find more precious then my family and friends, except of course spending time with family and friends! Honestly, there is nothing more worth while then bringing a smile and laughter to family, friends,and anyone I'm around who needs it. Most rewarding, is watching my youngest brother's screams and giggles of joy and excitement as I repeatedly launch him into the air, catching him as he comes back down. Also wonderful, is the look of joy, excitement, and affection when I pack up my siblings and take them swimming, fishing, hiking, and much more. I very much enjoy spending time in the mornings with my brothers and father, drinking coffee and spending time talking and reading God's word. I also have a habit of seeing to any needs or desires of others, before seeing to my own needs and desires, on occasion falling behind in my own work if it means others will achieve better goals, grades or promotions. I am very relaxed about most all situations, enjoying life as it continues to unfold. If the time calls for it, I can be firm, but loving, and without unnecessary threats or any acts that would offend or hurt. Mostly, I strive to be kind, caring, gentle, helpful, and, as is written, a servant to all. My motto is a combination of the following: 1. Look to see what needs to be done, and do it cheerfully, regardless of pay or attention, and 2. ALWAYS do the right thing, even if no one is looking. I enjoy playing guitar and leading worship, singing praises with friends and family.<br />
    I enjoy working as a landscaper, carpenter, lifeguard, and special-needs babysitter throughout the summer, and working as a lifeguard, math and chemistry tutor, babysitter, and computer technician throughout the winter.<br />
    As a final topic, I own no game systems. I have not watched TV really any time in the last decade. I rarely play computer games aside from chess or freecell, with gaia being an exception since I have great friends on here. I do enjoy an occasional good movie or rental of the House TV show if I am with family or friends. Many would say I'm naive or behind the times, but I think the newspaper and books provide an excellent world view. Really, I know all about violence, war, crime, sexuality, rape, relationships, and much more, I just choose not to play or watch it as entertainment.<br />
    Wow, this is a lot, thanks for reading! And have a wonderful rest-of-week!<br />
    P.S. If there's anything I missed or you would like to hear more about, please, leave a comment or send me a message and I'll add it. =D
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