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  • Artist Info: If you want to know about me read this. OK so my friends say im funny and say i say some badwords sometimes but otherwise they think im fun and nice. My favorite thing on earth is pokemon ive liked it since i was 3 years old and im 13. I think i know pokemon better then anyone else if you dont agree then quiz me and ill quiz you and you can battle me anytime you want with a pokemon battle i have Pokemon platinum ,Pokemon diamond, Pokemon saphire ,pokemon firered and alot more. Id say my favorite real book would be warriors my favorite manga is pokemon. My favorite video game is pokemon platinum. On pokemon platinum the pokemon i usually have out of my pc are Luxray, Fearow, Torterra, and more. My favorite pokemon is Luxray. I love pokemon more then anyone and know everything about it . <br />
    I also love to draw and its even more fun for me to draw real things that i see , Pokemon or Just draw anime animals or people.My favorite kind of bird is penguin.<br />
    My favorite barn animal is of course a chicken! And my favorite fantasy animal is pokemon animals!
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