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  • Artist Info: WELL THEN!<br />
    I got banned and now this is my new account :/<br />
    First Off my name is Megan Julia Lane. &lt;&lt;;;<br />
    I'm 19 :]!<br />
    My birth-date is March 28th 1991! <br />
    I have some pretty sweet friends if yeah ask me.<br />
    I hope to meet all my close friends on Gaia in real life soon!<br />
    My favorite color is Purple~<br />
    I love to make silly faces and such o;<br />
    Don't correct my spelling please i know i missed a key big whoooop~<br />
    ;;&gt;&gt;<br />
    Any whoo~<br />
    If you are looking for a e-mail on msn its Co.oki.3s@hotmail.com<br />
    Looking for a Yahoo? Sorry don't have one at the moment. :/<br />
    Ummmm ill update more soon~<br />
    Bye bye :]<br />
    Avi Art : D:<br />
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