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  • Artist Info: Well Welcome mi name is Kellie: )So here it goes...<br />
    I'm different and i do my best not to fall into trends i want to stand out.<br />
    I'm a dork. <br />
    i love to draw. its my life.<br />
    I love the quiet sometimes.but sometimes i need to be with people.<br />
    My favorite song is...well i have multiple ones.<br />
    "I'm Yours"Jason Mraz<br />
    ""David Choi"<br />
    "Chester See"<br />
    "Kina Grannis"<br />
    "This is Halloween" Nightmare Before Christmas<br />
    My Favorite movies are:<br />
    Shrek movies<br />
    Spirited Away<br />
    Nightmare Before Christmas<br />
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