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    <br />
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    Carolina (Pandasaur-Rawr)<br />
    I'm 16 years old. I live in California.
    <br />
    arrow Tumblr.| Music.| Friends.| Books.| Food.| Lady Gaga<br />
    Hello World! I really don't like "About Me"s so don't expect much.<br />
    I'm just going to give it to you straight up Ok? This is going to be random too. You probably won't read it. It's too stupid.<br />
    I'm not interesting. I like space. My profile seems lame. I have a colorful vocabulary. I'm secretly a ninja of an elite force ninja . <br />
    I'm really random. Sadly. I look stupid in my pictures. A hideous creature. Say what you want, but I'm only going to think I'm pretty when I want to think it. Lol.<br />
    <br />
    I have a boyfriend. His name is David. He's amazing ,cute, fun and he loves me. A lot. (But I love him most D&lt wink This is really cheesy to say but I know he's reading this. (Herrow.. whee Hii) And he can be a real P3nis sometimes ok but like, it's ok because he's awesome. c: And he makes me very happy unlike most people &gt;__&gt; And this is really cheesy but, he's probably the only one that actually cares and like understands me... yeah.. I just reallly love him. More than anything. I can't even describe... OH, and, HE'S MINE. &gt;__&gt; <br />
    12.25.10<br />
    I'm a hopeless romantic. I love doing arts&crafts. Like literally those kinds of crafts for little kids. Ya. I tend to forget I exist and I live to make other people smile. Even if it means to embarrass myself. I'm clumsy. I like the colors
    Black and Purple.<br />
    <br />
    I have a nice collection of 60s-80s memorabilia. I like classic old school music. Not a lot of people do. Which is stupid. It's better than the shit they play today. I have a nice collection of Movie soundtrack CD's. From Disney movies to like Lord of the Rings and crap. I love the Beatles! I'm such a nerd that I have theyr poster and all of their music on my iPod. <br />
    I don't watch tv. Well, not as much as I used to... i like watching weird 90s cartoons. And just movies ya? Batman heart All of the Batman movies. The recent one, I watched it in theaters and I really didn't think it was too epic. Lol. I did love the Joker though heart I also loved how everyone in the theatre were all shaky and scared and I laughed through some of it. Gah... Yeah.. c:<br />
    I'm a really boring person. I'm not interesting at all. <br />
    I hang out with a group of friends that my mum thinks are "bad influences." <br />
    I'm very attached to all of my friends. Even though half of them are more than 50+ miles away. I love them all... <br />
    People I Love:<br />
    David (My Lover), Jeffrey (My best friend.), Marc (My Homie G), <br />
    Mark (My Bubby), Elliot (My Break-into-houses-and-trash-the-place Friend.), <br />
    Izzy(My girlfriend), Booby (Bobby, my minion), Lane (My art buddy), <br />
    Nick (We make cartoons together), Martin (Boy who's obsessed with me), <br />
    Josh (Scrubalicious Buddy), Erica (She's my buddy) <br />
    and that's it. Well, at least all that I can think of...
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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