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  • Artist Info: Hi! well my names Amelia<3 <br />
    I live in a house! <br />
    I'm young my B-day is on January 16 =) <br />
    i have a bf so yea i love him very much <br />
    My hobbies are reading ,writing and drawing <br />
    I have been on gaia for a year and i have had lot's of accounts bec i always seem to get hacked<br />
    I love music I would die with out it ! =( <br />
    I am pretty in real life! well at least im quiet sure I am but if i wasnt my friend Miranda would tell me trust me she really would! <br />
    I am quiet and pretty serious and i have a sense of humor not everyone gets <br />
    I am very smart when it comes to school and electronics.<br />
    I am pretty good at giving advice because i understand lot's of different kinds of ppl.<br />
    I like making new friends that's1 of the reasons im on gaia 24/7 the other 1 is i get bored a lot of the time <br />
    I love school except the grade 8 make it hell for me <br />
    I LOVE CUTE THINGS! <br />
    I am random funny and nice so there!
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