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  • Artist Info: heart heart heart heart My name is Dani, u have no right to know my age<br />
    I have a RL ( real life) boyfriend who i love very much. <3 hes my baby<br />
    i dont belive in internet dating cuz u never know whos on the other end<br />
    I love anime, my fav is Negima<br />
    My older sis, Panda ( or should i say Kathy) is my sis/bestie/rp buddie. Mess with me shes the first ull hear from, got it? <br />
    I love to talk<br />
    i have a facebook but i dont feel like tell u it MWAHAHA im so evil. <br />
    well thts all i have to say besides Happy v-day ppl! heart
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