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  • Artist Info: I live on a farm. Born on May 28. I like to just hang out with friends, go to movies, and listen to songs on the radio. I hope to go to college for Paralegal but maybe I wont, who knows!. I have an older sister named Amanda who is married to Brandon and they have a baby girl named Cheyann and Deanna. Then there is my brother Jason, my sister Jennifer, and then me. the youngest<br />
    I hope all my friends know they can come to me for help, and they do so they would know. I like to just be, calm, but that doen't work. I love youtube and Fanfiction (love it so much I would die without it!!) I live in Wisconsin. And YES I am weird or so I've been told! I would like to say I'm smart but I have more brains then a lot of people in my school. I don't hate unless I don't like someone, then it's with all my power but yet I don't tell anyone, it just when I see you I say in my head "I hate you". But in truth I'm a nice person, don't belive me ask Ella and all my other friends. I've been told I'm the peacekeeper of my group and after how long of being told I know it's true. I'm a true country girl down to my boots. LOL so thanks for reading about me! heart <br />
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