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  • Artist Info: Heylo there!Well I'm Arielle and I'm (ITS A SECRET) years old ;o . I'm in love with the world and all of its creatures (call me a hippie if you will) and school mrgreen cheesy I know X3<br />
    But anyways, I don't play zOMG! much anymore :/ due to me not having anything to do there(since Im a CL10) and homework &gt;.&lt; lots of it ;_; In rl, I have HORRIBLE social skills gonk which makes me a person that wouldn't really stand out in a crowd, but if you get to know me, you will find that I'm a very colorful person 4laugh Sooooo...yeah, thats all folks 3nodding OH! And I forgot to mention, I &lt;3 RANDOM COMMENTS!!
    <br />
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