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    <br />
    I'm.. just logging in to Gaia to talk to people, sometimes to play, but not really going on this site regularly anymore o:<br />
    A little bit about myself...hmm.. I'm single okay? and I'm not looking, okay? thanks, now.. I'm really really short and people make fun of me. it's really unfair. xD <br />
    I love photography, i think its very interesting. im pretty much of a friendly person and i like to talk to people and discuss about subjects. <br />
    oh! i love that 70's show. its the love of my life.its very funny, i think everyone who likes good comedy series should watch this one ^_^<br />
    talk to me if you want, you can talk to me about everything :3 i will listen.<br />
    bye nao!<br />
    heart <br />
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