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    About Sammieee
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    I like to keep this simple and clean ;]<br />
    The name is Sammie [Sa_em_mee] but call me Sammers [Sa_am_mer_s] and I blow out the candles on the date july 27th<br />
    so mark your calendar and wish me happy birthday "D.<br />
    Standing pround and tall at 5ft 4in<br />
    I'm takenn by justin ;0 .New york is my hometown.<br />
    Asian and fucken proud of it. I like to keep it real ;]<br />
    I hate clowns ans jokers.Becasue shit they fucken freak me out.<br />
    I hate Biters.and Haters..I am a nice,sweet girl. But you get me mad,<br />
    I am not happy with you. <br />
    That ends the story <br />
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